Marvel Treasury Edition #4 / Conan - Barry Windsor Smith cover & reprints

Barry Windsor Smith
Marvel Treasury Edition v1 #4 / Conan the Barbarian, 1975 - The oversized comic is comprised of Barry Smith Conan stories published only a few years before. "Rogues in the House" is reprinted from Conan #11 and looks comparable in quality to the original. The two-part "Red Nails" saga, initially published in Savage Tales #2 and Savage Tales #3, is reprinted in its entirety and in color for the first time. The drawings take on new dimension and clarity, and the larger size format seems to reinforce the beauty in each page. The result is stunning, equal to the original black and white publication. Even in an issue full of exceptional artwork, Smith's covers exceed even further. Conan fights savagely atop a mountain of bodies while rain pours from the nighttime sky. His magnificent illustration is cropped on the front cover, but reveals its full potential on the back cover. Ironically, one his last bronze age efforts for Marvel would become one of his finest masterpieces. This is the only Marvel Treasury cover by Smith.
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Smith cover pencils and inks = ***
"Red Nails" Smith
story pencils and inks (first time in color) = *****
Smith back cover pencils and inks = *****

Barry Windsor Smith
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  1. I completely agree with you on this. This is the best way to view Smith's greatest work. It is my very favorite piece of comic art. Every time I look at it I find something new to marvel at. It is absolutely gorgeous...
    I'm pretty certain that Smith colored it himself for this Treasury Edition. Several years ago Dark Horse collected Barry's entire Marvel Conan run in two deluxe hard cover editions. It was something that I really looked forward to, but they totally botched the job. They recolored everything and made a garish mess out of one of the finest runs in comic history. Hell, the green "dragon" at the beginning of Red Nails is redone in red! In 24+ issues Smith transformed from a second rate Kirby imitator to a true master of the art form. Seek this Marvel Treasury Edition (#4) out and be prepared to have your mind blown!
    scott strong