Queen of the West Dale Evans #12 - Russ Manning art

Queen of the West Dale Evans v1 #12, 1956 - An eccentric old lady, a bank robber and a family of orphans all play a part in this secretive, full-length Dale Evans story. Russ Manning's artwork is more straightforward than usual, lacking depth and modeling in many scenes. His layouts mostly adhere to a six panel, almost repetitive grid. The artwork is better on the nighttime scenes (pages 8-10), where lighting increases both drama and excitement. On a playful note, Manning inserts his own name on the storefront signage (page 3 panel 2). Other artists in this issue include Dan Spiegle. This is number 8 of 15 Queen of the West Dale Evans issues with Manning art and/or covers. 
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"Secret in the Hills" Manning story pencils and inks 15 pages = **

Russ Manning
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