Shock Suspenstories #15 - Wally Wood art

Shock Suspenstories v1 #15, 1954 - Newly arrived in an unfamiliar town, a stranger is suddenly interrogated by the locals. The mob, armed with guns and clubs, search for a murderer at large. Their paranoia soon turns to unthinking violence. Wally Wood creates somber, darkened settings filled with suspicious faces and tense figures. The artist's fine inking stands in many panels, including the perpetually raining, nighttime scenes. The largest panels occur on the first page, where the stranger's dark attire stands out from the rest of the characters. Other artists in this issue include Johnny Craig, Reed Crandall, Jack Davis, Will Elder, George Evans, Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, Bernard Krigstein, Harvey Kurtzman, Joe Orlando, John Severin. This is number 14 of 14 Shock Suspenstories issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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"The Confidant" Wood pencils and inks 7 pages = ****

Wally Wood
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  1. All interior page scans are from original pages. Without originals, I tend not to show them. I'm considering reprint pages for my EC posts.