Thursday, July 10, 2014

Avengers #3 - Jack Kirby art & cover

Jack Kirby
Avengers v1 #3, 1964 - Challenged to a battle at the rock of Gibraltar, the Avengers face the combined might of the Hulk and Sub-mariner. Iron Man dons a streamlined new costume and cameos abound, including the Fantastic Four, Spider-man and the X-men. Jack Kirby's frenetic drawing and pacing ensures plenty of action throughout the issue. The opening splash seems hurried, perhaps due to inker Paul Reinman. The bombastic cover design puts the antagonists at the forefront, rather than the title characters. This is number 3 of 38 Avengers issues with Kirby art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Kirby or Avengers issues. See also this blog's Jack Kirby checklist.
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Kirby cover pencils (Paul Reinman inks) = ***
"The Avengers meet Sub-Mariner" Kirby story pencils (Paul Reinman inks) 25 pages = **
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Jack Kirby
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