Marvel Chillers #2 / Modred the Mystic - non-attributed John Byrne art

Marvel Chillers v1 #2 featuring Modred the Mystic, 1976 - One of his early efforts for Marvel, John Byrne does the opening splash for this Modred the Mystic tale. The artist struggles with the layout, filling every available nook and cranny. The drawing itself is not only inconsistent with the rest of the book (drawn by Sonny Trinadad), but seems unsure and uninspired. Some sources also credit Byrne with the inks, but the style is inconsistent with other works from the same period. This page is not attributed to the artist in comic guides, although his signature appears in the lower right-hand corner. Other artists in this issue include Frank Giacoia and Rich Buckler (cover). This is the number 1 of 2 Marvel Chillers issues with Byrne art and/or covers.
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Byrne opening splash pencils (Jack Abel? inks) 1 page = *

John Byrne
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