Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #281 - Steve Ditko art

Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #281, 1981 - A small contingent of Legionnaires is trapped in the 20th century, while Superboy suffers from an identity crisis. In his last effort for the series, Steve Ditko's drawings show vitality and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Bruce Patterson's inks are too tightly applied to the pencils. There's a noticeable loss of spontaneity, while faces and figures border on the cartoonish. Even Ditko's large, bold panels toward the story's end isn't enough to compensate. Other artists in this issue include George Perez and Bruce Patterson (cover). This is number 6 of 6 Legion of Super-Heroes issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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"Madness Is the Molecule Master" Ditko story pencils (Bruce Patterson inks) 27 pages = **

Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #281 - Steve Ditko dc 1980s comic book page art
Steve Ditko
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