Battle #70 - Jack Kirby / Steve Ditko art, Kirby art & cover

Jack Kirby
Battle v1 #70, 1960 - Somewhere in Europe, a family takes in a wounded GI, just as a Nazi tank corners them. Jack Kirby's pencils are more than adequate, but Steve Ditko's inks really stand out. Beyond the ordinary opening splash, great effort is expended on detailing, especially character faces and figures (see interior page below). Kirby's second tale tells of an army linesman, tasked with repairing a communications line in the midst of a heavy barrage. While less distinctive than Ditko, Joe Sinnott does a credible inking job. Finally, Kirby's cover design seems more crowded than necessary. Other artists in this issue include Carl Burgos, Don Heck and Bill Everett. This is number 7 of 7 Battle issues with Kirby art and/or covers and number 3 of 3 Battle issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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Kirby cover pencils (Christopher Rule inks) = **
"A Tank Knows No Mercy"
Kirby story pencils / Ditko inks 5 pages = ***
"The Thick of Battle" Kirby story pencils (Joe Sinnott inks) 4 pages = ***

Jack Kirby / Steve Ditko
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