Amazing Spider-man #114 - Jim Starlin art

Amazing Spider-man v1 #114, 1973 - After cameos in the previous issue, Hammerhead makes his first full appearance, proving himself more than a match for Spider-man and Doctor Octopus. Jim Starlin is again credited for assisting John Romita (along with Tony Mortellaro), most likely with the inking. Unfortunately, his contributions are mostly unrecognizable. Throughout the story, Starlin appears to mimic his fellow inker's approach rather than his own. This is number 2 of 3 Amazing Spider-Man issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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“Hammerhead” Starlin partial story inks (John Romita pencils) 20 pages = *

Amazing Spider-Man v1 #114 marvel comic book page art by Jim Starlin, John Romita
Jim Starlin
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  1. My guess is that Starlin helped out on backgrounds on these issues along with T Mortellaro. Romita was inking his own pencils during this period in a thick brush style influenced by Milt Caniff. Hammerhead may have been a tip of the hat to Chester Gould as well.