Saturday, April 13, 2013

Warfront #28 - Jack Kirby cover

Jack Kirby
Warfront v1 #28, 1956 - A paratrooper fends off enemy aircraft as he makes his descent. Behind him, a plane is immersed in flames as other soldiers bail out. Jack Kirby's first cover on this war title is also his best. The central figure is flanked by other elements that increase depth, add context or both. The precise composition fits the carrier just below the soldier's legs while maintaining separation. Other artists in this issue include Pete Morisi and Jack Sparling. This is number 1 of 4 Warfront issues with Kirby art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Kirby or Warfront issues. See also this blog's Kirby checklist.
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Kirby cover pencils (Joe Simon inks) = ****
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