Art of Neal Adams vol. 1

Neal Adams
Art of Neal Adams volume 1, 1975 - The first book to truly showcase his career's work, the Art of Neal Adams volume one opens with a terrific new cover. Integrating both DC and Marvel heroes in confrontation, the artist diffuses the tension with the inclusion of Atomic Mouse, a Charlton Comics cartoon character. The worm's eye view boasts Adams' mastery of foreshortening, an ability few others could achieve as convincingly. Other than a brief interview on the inside front and back covers, the interiors are comprised of all black and white examples of various ads, preliminary drawings and finished illustrations. Adams does a passable rendition of Will Eisner's Spirit on the back cover, but the most interesting pieces include a rejected cover for Green Lantern #76 (see interior page shown below), a series of Boy's Life newspaper strips, and the pencils for an unused House of Mystery cover.

Neal Adams
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