Two-Fisted Tales #26 - Wally Wood art

Two-Fisted Tales v1 #26, 1952 - A stray dog is witness to the American forces' pull out from Hungnam, their last piece of occupied territory in North Korea. Only two years after it occurred, Wally Wood draws another subtle yet powerfully told tale. There is no character dialogue, only narration, allowing the visuals to set the tone and fill in necessary information. A bird's eye view of the Korean port opens the story, and the artist provides the reader with stunning detail and clarity. Wood's extraordinary effort permeates every panel, epitomized by the sea of individual refugee's faces on page four. Other artists this issue include Jack Davis, John Severin, Bill Elder and Harvey Kurtzman (art & cover). This is number 9 of 18 Two-Fisted Tales issues with Wood art and/or covers.
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"Hungnam" Wood story pencils and inks 7 pages = ****

Two-Fisted Tales v1 #26 - Wally Wood ec war golden age comic book page art
Wally Wood 
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