Rex Allen #27 - Russ Manning art

Rex Allen v1 #27, 1958 - Rex Allen impersonates a wanted man in order to recover a bank heist. Russ Manning's short back-up tale clearly outshines the lead feature. The opening scene feels a tad claustrophobic with its small panels, a common occurrence in 1950s Dell comics. Thankfully, Manning's second page opens up to a wider canyon vista, including a beautiful diagonally composed panel of the hero coming down a mountain trail as his armed adversaries look on. It nicely expands the illusion of depth, and I have yet to see Manning employ this method on any of his other works. This is number 2 of 5 Rex Allen issues with Manning art and/or covers.
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"Jail Break" Manning story pencils and inks 13 pages = ***

Rex Allen v1 #27 dell western comic book page art by Russ Manning
Russ Manning
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