All-Star Squadron annual #3 - non-attributed Don Newton art

All-Star Squadron annual v1 #3, 1984 - This lengthy annual, comprised of forty pages, divides its artistic efforts between several artists. Carmine Infantino, George Perez, Keith Giffen, and Rich Bucker are among the better known names in addition to Don Newton. By then a veteran artist on both Batman and Detective Comics, Newton was a logical choice for the golden age Batman segment. Unfortunately, the artwork is all too brief and just barely recognizable in style. Mike Machlan's inking also hinders rather than helps. This is number 1 of 1 All-Star Squadron issues with Newton art and/or covers.
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Untitled Batman & Robin story Newton pencils (Mike Machlan inks) 3 pages = **

Don Newton
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  1. I'm not sure what "non-attributed" means. His name is 1) on the cover and 2) listed on page 4 as Don Newton (pp. 22-24). That seems pretty "attributed" to me.

  2. I use the terms "non-attributed" and "mis-attributed" to refer to mistakes or omissions in the Overstreet comic book price guide, not within the issues themselves. As a collector, I often bought comics based on the information in this guide, only to be disappointed. To their credit, Overstreet gets about 95% of its attributions correct, but I wanted to share what inconsistencies I've found with other collectors. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify.