New Mutants #40 - Barry Windsor Smith cover

Barry Windsor Smith
New Mutants v1 #40, 1986 - Captain America takes on Magneto while the mutant Warlock looks on. The hero's stance and anatomy seem reminiscent of ancient Greek statuary. The figures are also more impactful due to the contrast with the stark white background. Barry Smith begins a long run of exceptional covers on this series. Other artists in this issue include Jackson Guice and Kyle Baker. This is number 2 of 10 New Mutants issues with Smith art and/or covers.
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Smith cover pencils and inks = ****

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  1. The art is great on this cover except, ironically, for Warlock, a character that demands extreme angles, who seems to just flatly poke out of the side of the cover, like an uninspired Saturday morning cartoon character.

  2. You can really see a lyrical quality to Barry's art here. Rather than high action this cover looks like slow motion ballet or something.
    Spider-ads is right. Warlock is so laugh-out-loud odd here. Face it, he's Bill's baby and no one els can do him like Bill S.