Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lost Worlds #6 - Alex Toth art & cover

Lost Worlds v1 #6 standard 1950s science fiction comic book cover art by Alex Toth
Alex Toth
Lost Worlds v1 #6, 1952 - Despite the gigantic, intelligible ants on this Alex Toth cover, no such story appears inside. Compared to other artists, Toth covers were few and far between during the golden age. This well composed example captures the shock and pandemonium of an alien invasion on Earth. Toth's inside story is less impressive, with its confining panels and sequences bordering on monotonous. The first few pages are especially staid in depicting an interstellar battle between spaceships. Other artists in this issue include John Celardo, Ross Andru, Art Saaf and Rocco Mastroserio. This is number 2 of 2 Lost Worlds issues with Toth art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Toth or Lost Worlds issues. See also this blog's Toth checklist.
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Toth cover pencils (Mike Peppe inks) = ***
"Outlaws of Space" Toth story pencils (Al Rubano inks) 7 pages = **
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Lost Worlds v1 #6 standard 1950s science fiction comic book page art by Alex Toth
Alex Toth
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