Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eclipse Monthly #4 - Marshall Rogers art & cover

Marshall Rogers
Eclipse Monthly v1 #4, 1984 - Cap'n Quick and a Foozle make their final appearance here before graduating to their own series. Marshall Rogers places them on the cover as part of a New Year's gag and the interior story is similarly tongue-in-cheek. An unusual but compelling two page spread shows the characters taking turns spinning erratically, moving from background to foreground and back again. This visual technique is Rogers at his most inventive. Cap'n Quick and a Foozle would appear next in their own self titled series. This is number 4 of 5 Eclipse Monthly issues with Rogers art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Rogers or Eclipse Monthly issues. See also this blog's Rogers checklist or Top 10 Rogers comics.
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Rogers cover pencils and inks = ***
Cap'n Quick and a Foozle
story pt 4, Rogers pencils and inks 10 pages = ***
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Marshall Rogers
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