Sunday, March 3, 2013

Flash #226 - Neal Adams art

Flash v1 #226, 1974 - Beyond the main Flash feature, a quirky Green Lantern tale places the hero on a solo camping trip in the woods. Inexplicably, his power ring soon goes awry. This deceptively simple story is deftly visualized by Neal Adams, aided by the dependable inks of Dick Giordano. The artwork tells the story with more nuance than fanfare, and appropriately so. Curiously, a small panel on page 7 re-uses the opening splash, sacrificing fine details in the reduction. Other artists in this issue include Irv Novick and Frank McLaughlin. This is number 13 of 14 Flash issues with Adams art and/or covers.
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"The Powerless Power Ring" Adams story pencils (Dick Giordano inks) 8 pages = ***

The Flash v1 #226 dc comic book page art by Neal Adams
Neal Adams
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