Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weird Science v2 #17 - Wally Wood art & cover, Al Williamson / Frank Frazetta art

Weird Science v2 #17 ec science fiction comic book cover art by Wally Wood
Wally Wood
Weird Science v2 #17, 1953 - A gargantuan monster is captured on a remote island, rendered unconscious, transported and finally exhibited in New York City. Al Williamson's King Kong-like tale is capably drawn with some less recognizable assists by Frank Frazetta. Wally Wood's tale tells of two professors, theorizing the massive declines in human population every two centuries. His renditions of different historical eras is striking. Along similar lines, Wood's cover design juxtaposes both beauties and beasts. Other artists in this issue include Jack Kamen and Joe Orlando. This is number 15 of 20 Weird Science issues with Wood art and/or covers, number 3 of 8 Weird Science issues with Williamson art and/or cover and number 1 of 3 Weird Science issues with Frazetta art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Wood, Williamson, Frazetta or Weird Science issues. See also this blog's Williamson checklist, Frazetta checklist, Wood checklist or Top 10 Frazetta comics.
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Wood cover pencils and inks = ****
Wood story pencils and inks 8 pages = *****
"The Island Monster" Williamson story pencils / Frazetta partial inks 7 pages = ***

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Al Williamson / Frank Frazetta
Wally Wood

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