Swamp Thing #5 - Bernie Wrightson art & cover (Top 10)

Swamp Thing v1 #5 1970s bronze age dc comic book cover art by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson
http://pencilink.blogspot.com/2008/07/top-10-berni-wrightson-comics.html 9.  Swamp Thing v1 #5, 1973 - Accused of witchcraft by her small village, a young woman and her timid brother go into hiding, encountering the Swamp Thing by chance. Angry pitchforked mobs are not uncommon on Bernie Wrightson covers, yet this example has a vaguely Renaissance feel to the layout. Inside, his dramatic opening splash depicts the Swamp Thing shedding his disguise on a ship. The artist nearly matches the high standards of his first issue, despite more numerous panels. The crashing waves on page 4, the quaint European houses on page 11, and the supernatural climax on page 21 are among the story's best artworks. This story was later reprinted in Roots of the Swamp Thing #3 amd DC Special Series #17. This is number 5 of 10 Swamp Thing issues with Wrightson art and/or covers. This is also one of Wrightson's Top 10 comics.
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Wrightson cover pencils and inks = *****
"The Last of the Ravenwind Witches" Wrightson story pencils and inks 23 pages = ****

Swamp Thing v1 #5 1970s bronze age dc comic book page art by Bernie Wrightson
Bernie Wrightson
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  1. I love Wrightson's mob scenes, and this is one of his best. On the original art, Swamp Thing has an axe sticking out of his back!