Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conan the Barbarian #8 - Barry Windsor Smith art & cover

Conan the Barbarian v1 #8 marvel comic book cover art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
Conan the Barbarian v1 #8, 1971 - Despite the challenge of using four figures, Barry Smith's cover is elegantly balanced. The girl's face appears to have been redrawn by John Romita, who often modified bronze age covers for the sake of consistency. The inside story pages are rife with small panels, but Smith seems to relish detailing them all. His skeletal soldiers are especially eerie, from their waking moments to their disintegration in the light of day (see interior page below). This is number 8 of 20 Conan the Barbarian issues with Smith art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Conan the Barbarian or Smith issues. See also this blog's Smith checklist or Top 10 Smith comics.
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Smith cover pencils and inks = ***
"The Keepers of the Crypt"
Smith story pencils (Tom Sutton, Tom Palmer inks) 20 pages = ***
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Conan the Barbarian v1 #8 marvel comic book page art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
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  1. Barry Smith was a master at handling Conan and this world-artist have captured that-including all those Darkhorse second runners up.Cary Norse being the worse.his frost giants were terrible crape:this the jumping beam Conan.