Chamber of Darkness #3 - Barry Windsor Smith art

Chamber of Darkness v1 #3, 1970 - A relatively early effort by Barry Smith, a young couple awakens the spirit of a medieval warlock. Starting with an eye-catching splash of the conjurer's final moments, the artist uses innovative layouts to transition the story to modern times. Unlike many of his 1960s works, Smith benefits from the seasoned inks of Syd Shores. He smooths many of the rough edges while retaining the younger artist's spontaneity. This story was later reprinted in Giant-size Chillers v2 #3. Other artists in this issue include Tom Palmer, John Buscema and John Verpoorten. This is number 1 of 2 Chamber of Darkness issues with Smith art and/or covers. 
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"The Warlock Tree" Smith story pencils (Syd Shores inks) 7 pages = ***

Barry Windsor Smith
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  1. Makes me want to hunt that issue down and own it!