Avengers #98 - Barry Windsor Smith art & cover

Avengers v1 #98 marvel comic book cover art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
Avengers v1 #98, 1972 - A mob of hate-mongers gathers around the hotel where an important Chinese delegation is staying. Uncharacteristically, Captain America and other Avengers join their cause, pitting themselves against Thor and the Vision. Barry Smith had previously drawn Avengers #66 and #67, but his return to the series is disappointing. The artwork is crudely drawn and erratically laid out. Faces are oversimplified and figures poorly positioned. As a whole, the effort (including Smith's cover inks) seems hastily planned. One of the few bright spots is the opening splash, depicting the Vision at his most grave. Also in this issue, Clint Barton becomes Hawkeye once again. This is number 3 of 5 Avengers issues with Smith art and/or covers.
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Smith cover inks (John Buscema pencils) = * 
"Let Slip the Dogs of War" Smith story pencils (Sal Buscema inks) 21 pages = **

Avengers v1 #98 marvel comic book page art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
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