Avengers #67 - Barry Windsor Smith art

Avengers v1 #67 marvel comic book cover art by Barry Windsor Smith
Avengers v1 #67, 1969 - Fused with the metal adamantium, the robotic madman Ultron poses a greater threat to the Avengers. Barry Smith's artistic vigor continues into this issue, but with less impressive results. Despite dynamic layouts, his simplified style is reinforced, rather than enhanced, by inker George Klein. Figures and faces are coarser and border on cartoonish, nearly to the point of distraction. Smith would later return to the series with an increased maturity. This story was later reprinted in Marvel Super Action v2 #28. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema (cover). This is number 2 of 5 Avengers issues with Smith art and/or covers.
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"We Stand at Armageddon" Smith story pencils (George Klein inks) 20 pages = **

Avengers v1 #67 marvel comic book page art by Barry Windsor Smith
Barry Windsor Smith
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