Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #49 - Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton
Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves v1 #49, 1975 - A series of grim murders plague a college campus, each victim extracted of blood. A darkened splash page opens this Don Newton tale, perfectly capturing the somber mood. As a lone student pursues his own investigation, the artist places him in an array of settings, culminating high atop a cliff's edge. Newton's cover, though adequately drawn, is tame by comparison. An ominous shadow appears on the boy's pants, but could have been more prominently featured. Kudos go to Dan Adkins for his fine inking. Other artists in this issue include M. Postell and Tom Sutton.
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Newton cover pencils = ***
"Death in the Storm"
Newton story pencils (Dan Adkins inks) 9 pages = ****

Don Newton
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