Epic Illustrated #1 - Frank Frazetta cover, Jim Starlin art

Frank Frazetta
Epic Illustrated v1 #1, 1980 - Roman Centurions gather at a vantage point on Frank Frazetta's masculine cover art. While I would have preferred to see the entire painting, credit goes to the graphic designer who fit the Roman standard within the masthead. As Marvel attempts its first full color magazine, Jim Starlin begins his epic Metamorphosis Odyssesy. Three characters from different planets are introduced in three chapters. The artist's use of grayscale paintings gives the story an eerie quality. His modeling and also adds dimension and depth I haven't seen before in his work. Starlin breaks new ground artistically, especially the "Juliet" chapter. Other artists in this issue include John Buscema. This is number 1 of 1 Epic Illustrated issues with Frazetta art and/or covers and number 1 of 13 Epic Illustrated issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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Frazetta cover painting = ***
"Aknaton" Starlin story art 8 pages (black and white) = ****
"Za" Starlin story art 8 pages (black and white) = ****
"Juliet" Starlin story art 9 pages (black and white except last page) = ****

Jim Starlin
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