Daredevil #7 - original Wally Wood page sketch

Wally Wood
Check out this cool Wally Wood sketch: a foundation for the opening splash to Daredevil #7.

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  1. Like his friends, Kirby on FF and Ditko on Spider-Man, Wood confirmed that he plotted Daredevil — in fact, all three ultimately left Marvel largely as they weren't paying for the plotting work. Marvel noted Wood's plot work various times including on the letters page of DD #6 (announcing Stan would not be plotting #7), #8 (discusses Wood creating Stiltman), the official MMMS newsletter announced Wood plotting ongoing from then on, and finally, Wood got full writing credit on the front page of #10. Though Stan made a big deal about having to write DD #11 without Wood, Wood had already planted the mystery's plot clues in #10 — so, despite Stan's castigations, Wood plotted #11 as well.