Tuesday, September 1, 2015

House of Secrets #131 - Alex Nino art

House of Secrets v1 #131, 1975 - After being humiliated in public, the town bully purchases a voodoo doll from the local witch. Sharply pointed shadows and shapes fill this work by Alex Nino. Disturbing and often overwhelming, his style is nonetheless appropriate for this tale of revenge. On his opening splash, Nino hides the antagonist in a forest of high grass. The scene has a threatening tone, punctuated by sharp, angular shapes. Other artists in this issue include Luis Dominguez, Arthur Suydam and Gerry Talaoc. This is number 9 of 11 House of Secrets issues with Nino art and/or covers. See today's posts or more Nino or House of Secrets issues. See also this blog's Nino checklist.
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"Point of No Return" Nino pencils and inks 7 pages = ***
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Alex Nino
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