Vampirella #61 - Alex Nino art

Vampirella v1 #61, 1977 - A young Native American finds his animal totem and at the same time discovers his love of a woman from another tribe. Alex Nino inks the pencils of silver age veteran Carmine Infantino. Though their respective styles mesh together well, Nino's hand is most evident throughout the pages. He is primarily responsible for the beautifully lush forest scenery in many panels, including the introduction of the main characters on the first page. The limited nudity in the story (not uncommon for this magazine format) is sensitively and artfully handled. Other artists in this issue include Russ Heath. This is number 2 of 5 Vampirella issues with Nino art and/or covers.
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"Brother Hawk
" Nino story inks (Carmine Infantino pencils) 8 pages (black and white) = ***

Alex Nino
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