Durango Kid #7 - Frank Frazetta art

Durango Kid v1 #7, 1950 - Imprisoned by the British, band of American revolutionaries will be executed unless Dan Brand and Tipi can intervene in time. One of Frank Frazetta's weaker efforts on the series, "The Battle of the Dungeons" begins with a panel devoid of background and details. Overall, the quality of his linework seems diminished compared to earlier issues. Frazetta's inks are especially loose and hurried, with figures and faces lacking the usual definition. The story's sole highlight is a large panel on page six, depicting Dan Brand leaping into a crowd of wealthy British loyalists. This story was later reprinted in White Indian #13. Other artists in this issue include Joe Certa (Durango Kid stories). This is number 7 of 16 Durango Kid issues with Frazetta art and/or covers.
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"The Battle of the Dungeons" Frazetta story pencils and inks 7 pages = **

Frank Frazetta 1950s golden age western comic book page / Durango Kid #7
Frank Frazetta
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