Amazing Adventures v3 #27 - Jim Starlin cover

Jim Starlin
Amazing Adventures v3 #27 featuring War of the Worlds, 1974 - On this Jim Starlin cover, Killraven poses in a barbarian-like pose, complete with damsel at his feet. While far from original, the execution is better than most. The mostly symmetrical layout is enhanced by the curved serpentine creatures. The gradations in the background further add texture and increase visual interest. Other artists in this issue include P. Craig Russell and Jack Abel. This is number 4 of 4 Amazing Adventures issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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Starlin cover pencils and inks = ****

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  1. Starlin does do the barbarian thing awfully well!

  2. As you said, the cover is an iconic image of the 70s. Nice, large scan. This book would certainly have grabbed my attention at the newsstand.