Omac #3 - Jack Kirby art & cover

Omac v1 #3 dc bronze age comic book cover art by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
Omac v1 #3, 1975 - On his latest assignment from the Global Peace Agency, Omac must bring in Marshall Kafka, a ruthless dictator rampaging across Europe. Jack Kirby draws a variety of advanced weaponry, threatening the hero at every turn. Every battle scene appears to be in constant movement. Three splash pages serve as chapter breaks, managing the pace of the story. Prior to his deployment, Omac watches a mentally-induced movie for relaxation. The following  double-page spread showcases a grotesque behemoth that could only come from Kirby's inventive mind. This is number 3 of 8 Omac issues with Kirby art and/or covers.
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Kirby cover pencils (D. Bruce Berry inks) = ***
"A Hundred Thousand Foes" Kirby story pencils
(D. Bruce Berry inks) 20 pages = ***

Omac v1 #3 dc bronze age comic book page art by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
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