Destructor #3 - Steve Ditko art

The Destructor v1 #3, 1975 - Without the sensitive inks of Wally Wood from previous issues, Steve Ditko's artwork seems unpolished by comparison. The starkness of his drawings leave little room for depth. Aside from the title character, most of the figures have minimal shading and dimension. Even the layouts appear hurried and erratic in this largely disappointing effort. Other artists in this issue include Larry Lieber (cover). This is number 3 of 4 Destructor issues with Ditko art and/or covers.
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"In the Hands of the Huntress" Ditko story pencils and inks 19 pages = **

Steve Ditko
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  1. Although uncredited, this story appears to be inked by Frank Giacoia.

    I enjoy your site and the diverse art you showcase.

    Nick Caputo

  2. Thanks, Nick. Upon closer inspection, it does look like someone other than Ditko provided the inks. Glad you like the site. I try to use some of my art history background as a contextual starting point, but it is one man's opinion and I'm open to discussion. If you like Ditko, I recently posted a review on Fantastic Giants #1 on 8/25/08. The entire book is terrific.