Marvel Feature #12 / Thing and Iron Man - Jim Starlin art

Marvel Feature v1 #12 presents the Thing and Iron Man, 1973 - Iron Man teams up with the Thing against the alien vampires known as the Blood Brothers. The story conveniently ties in with Captain Marvel, centered around the galactic threat of Thanos. Jim Starlin's drawings are a tad clumsy at times. His rendition of the Fantastic Four member often borders on humorous. Still, there are glimpses of the sequence designs that would become one of his hallmarks. This story was later reprinted in Life of Captain Marvel #3 and #4. Based on the success of this and the previous issue, The Thing would move onto his own own series, Marvel Two-in-One. Other artists in this issue include John Romita (cover). This is number 3 of 3 Marvel Feature issues with Starlin art and/or covers.
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"Bite of the Blood Brothers" Starlin story pencils (Joe Sinnott inks) 19 pages = **

Jim Starlin
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