The Demon #1 - Jack Kirby art & cover

Demon v1 #1 dc bronze age comic book cover art by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
The Demon v1 #1, 1972 - During the age of King Arthur, Merlin calls forth a creature from the depths. Jack Kirby's hellish creation makes his first appearance. Past the boilerplate first issue cover, the artist opens with a decorative splash of the wizard. The double page spread that follows is a stunning rendition of the fall of Camelot, with all its fury and violence. Kirby uses only three splash oages, but the story is rife with explosive and expansive panels. Mike Royer's inks give weight and mass to the figures, improving upon Kirby's already formidable pencils. This story was later reprinted in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #5. This is number 1 of 16 Demon issues with Kirby art and/or covers.
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Kirby cover pencils (Mike Royer inks) = ***
"Unleash the One who Waits" Kirby story
pencils (Mike Royer inks) 24 pages = *****

Demon v1 #1 dc bronze age comic book page art by Jack Kirby
Jack Kirby
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