Famous Funnies #212 - Frank Frazetta cover

Frank Frazetta Buck Rogers 1950s golden age science fiction comic book cover / Famous Funnies #212
Frank Frazetta
Famous Funnies v1 #212, 1954 - Buck Rogers' female companion, bound and helpless, floats in space while he attempts to reclaim her. A pair of aliens (perhaps her captors) emerge from their flying saucer in the background. For the first time, Frank Frazetta's artwork on this series extends beyond the masthead. Sadly, the publisher fills every available space with text, marring the overall effect. Buck Rogers' figure proportions are strangely childlike, serving as an additional distraction. On the positive side, Frazetta's lunar landscapes and toy-like UFOs offer a visually appealing contrast. While not his best effort on this series, this example far exceeds most comic book covers from the same era. This is number 4 of 8 Famous Funnies issues with Frazetta art and/or covers.
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Frazetta cover pencils and inks = ***

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