Cliff Merritt Sets the Record Straight - Al Williamson art & cover

Al Williamson
Cliff Merritt Sets the Record Straight, 1965? - Retiring after 50 years, engineer Cliff Merritt educates younger people about the history of railroading and the positive impact of unions. This giveaway comic was distributed and produced by the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen based in Cleveland. Within its typical middle-class American setting, the story is conversational in tone and brilliantly portrayed by Al Williamson. The artist takes the mundane subject and infuses the tale with greater interest and empathy. The layouts and pacing are lively and avoid repetition. Williamson inks his own superlative pencils, although some sources give partial credit to Angelo Torres. This story was later reprinted in the book Al Williamson Forbidden WorldsThis is number 1 of 1 Cliff Merritt Sets the Record Straight issues with Williamson art and/or covers.
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Williamson cover pencils and inks (Angelo Torres partial inks) = ****
Williamson story pencils and inks (Angelo Torres partial inks) 24 pages = *****

Al Williamson
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  1. Wow could this be the best drawn giveaway comic ever?