Friday, January 1, 2010

Tips for Using Pencil Ink

I continually try to make the blog easier to use. Check this post frequently for changes or new features. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

• Covers and pages on newer posts link to larger scans, older posts will be updated similarly.

• Search posts via two ways: the search this blog gadget in the upper middle column and the blogger search box at the very top of the page (drops down when your cursor rolls over). Both have their pros and cons, so try them out to see which best suits your search habits.

• Search for more artists not featured on this blog. Many more artists are mentioned but not rated. Search via the methods mentioned above.

• Find specific posts via the labels (on right and below each post) and the archive (bottom, far right). There's also artist checklists, series checklists, and top ten checklists.

• Use title labels (located below the posts) to find character titles only, not appearances. Clicking on the "_Batman" label shows all posts featuring issues in the title series "Batman", but typing "Batman" in either search box finds all posts that mention the character.

• Use the blue arrows on the bottom to quickly get back to the top of page.

• Read the site in another language by using the translation tool on the far right column.

• Is the type too small for your tastes? Use your browser shortcuts to increase the size of everything proportionally.

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